Aurora TD Released on Web and Android Devices!

Aurora Tower Defense has just been released for PC, Mac, and Android devices. Play for free in your browser now!

Aurora Tower Defense has just been released for PC, Mac, and Android devices.

Aurora TD costs $2.49 on Android, but you can play the full featured game for free online.

Just head over to the Aurora TD category and play right in your web browser!

You are an Inuit shaman sworn to protect Tomkin, the home of the spirits. Tonrar, the evil spirit, is attempting to bring darkness to the ice caps. You must repel his forces by building totems, magical defenses which are empowered by the elements. As the evil forces grow in strength and numbers, darkness will overtake the northern lights. Fight back by strategically placing totem poles with magical abilities! Invoke the power of the spirits! Salaksartok!

Aurora TD is an isometric tower defense game involving strategy and quick wit.

Watch our trailer below to get an idea of how the game works.

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