Unity's New Fees Have Indie Devs Up in Arms

Unity is alienating their best customers with a brand new fee structure.

  • 1 week ago

Unity recently announced changes in its pricing structure and fees for developers.

“Effective January 1, 2024, we will introduce a new Unity Runtime Fee that’s based on game installs,” Unity’s most recent blogpost stated. Every time that a game is downloaded, there will be a fee associated with it. ...

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Game Preview Thumbnail

Nauticus Act III

Build a settlement, fight off zombies, and gather resources to build a way to escape this godforsaken island! Act III: Rediscovering Hope Wood resources are used to build - the count is displayed in the top-left....

Game Preview Thumbnail

Legacy Earth

Controls: WASD: Movement Left Mouse: Fire Fight your way through this shooter on rails. You are a GARS pilot working for a Mega-Moon-Corporation whose only drive is to reposes defaulted nations to make a profit.

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Office Sim

Tinkering around with a simulation game that takes place in the corporate office. Build widgets and sell them to customers.

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Venom Event

The year is 2155, 50 years after the events of Legacy Earth. Humanity is scattered across Earth, the Moon, Mars, and various satellites. After decades of destructive war, corporate power has regressed. Those who still remain fight for the resource...

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Nauticus Act II

Piro ventures into Land Ho's fortress to rescue Hope. Piro's friend betrayed him and stole his captain and lover to the depths of his pirate fortress. Zombies have taken over the fortress and you must delve in to teach that scallycoon a le...

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Nauticus Act I

A salty tale of despair and finding Hope when there is little hope left. Caught in the golden age of piracy and a zombie apocalypse, Piro is forced into a life of heroism. Zombies have overrun major ports, and the isolation of the ...

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Aurora TD

A tower defense game where you can defend against evil spirits! You are an Inuit shaman sworn to protect Tomkin, the home of the spirits. Tonrar, the evil spirit, is attempting to bring darkness to the ice caps. You must repel his forces b...

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GARS Flight Test

Play as a fresh Charles Storm being tested before his exploits in GARS service.